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X-Rite i1 Color-Management Solutions Debut

Including i1Display and i1Photo tools.

Big Picture

X-Rite has unveiled its X-Rite i1 family of color-management solutions, including the launch of two RGB products: the colorimeter-driven X-Rite i1Display line for monitor calibration, and the spectrophotometer-powered X-Rite i1Photo family for monitor-to-print match RGB workflows.

The X-Rite i1Display comes in two versions: the i1DisplayLT and the i1Display2. The i1DisplayLT is geared to "imaging enthusiasts" and is designed to make easy work of color balancing monitors. It features a Wizard-driven user mode and comes packaged within an X-Rite i1Display colorimeter (Mac- and Windows-compatible) for fast color reads. Features include: a detachable light head to capture ambient light measurements; gray-balance optimization; a profile reminder; a one-step, Push Button Calibration profiling process; and "before" and "after" images that highlight instant results. Price: $169.

A step-up for the pro-user, the i1Display2 offers both easy- and advanced-mode Wizards. It offers all the benefits of the i1DisplayLT and also delivers higher repeatability, faster measurements, and higher sensitivity in the dark areas for better control in shadow detail and more neutral gray scale. Other features include: Workgroup Match function for collaborative environments; unlimited gamma white point and luminance settings; and validation functionality.

The new X-Rite i1Photo family allows for the implementation of an accurate color-managed digital workflow in either RGB or CYMK production environments-from camera to display to final output. All of the i1Photo products are powered by the company’s handheld spectrophotometer, the X-Rite i1Pro; they also feature a backup board with white surface that scans materials up to 3mm; a ruler system enabling one-handed scanning; upgraded i1Match 3.6.2 software (Mac and Windows); and an i1 Editor to simplify global color edits on profiles.

Specific iPhoto models include:

* i1PhotoLT: Geared to the imaging enthusiast, this model is designed to deliver color accuracy for CRT, LCD, and laptop displays, it can profile any inkjet, laserjet, or photo printer that accepts RGB data. Mac- and Windows-compatible, it offers core ICC-profiling components. It’s also upgradeable-access codes allow users to expand to full RGB, with additional access to larger test charts or full CMYK test chart technology for increased color-management capabilities. Users also can upgrade the system for profiling scanners, digital cameras, or projectors. Price: $895.

* i1Photo: Features of the i1PhotoLT plus tools to implement a complete digital RGB workflow (including the ability to profile scanners, digital cameras, and digital projectors). Can also perform in-house comps with small test-chart CMYK profiles; upgradeable to full CMYK test-chart technology.

* i1PhotoSG: Features of the i1Photo plus the X-Rite Digital ColorChecker Semi-Gloss (SG) chart for profiling the digital camera environment.

* i1Beamer: An easy-to-use portable solution for those needing to calibrate and profile digital projectors.