X-Rite's ColorShop X Provides Profile Analysis Tool

Provides Mac OS X users with some specialized capabilities

Big Picture

Photographers, designers, prepress professionals, and others seeking high levels of process control in their color-managed workflows should check out the suite of profile-analysis tools available through X-Rite's ColorShop? X software.

With the tools in ColorShopX, users can view color profile data in some unique and detailed ways to assure more accurate output.

For example, ColorShop X can graphically inspect instrument and profile data in 2D, 3D, and Hex views. Users can also manipulate profiles to create linked profiles or profiles for creating rich grays.

A Color Lens feature makes it possible to view the results of color profiles in images imported into non-profile-aware page layout programs. (X-Rite: www.xrite.com)

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