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X-Rite's Eye-One iSis Spectrophotometer

For high-volume production environments.

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The Eye-One iSis is designed to produce spectral measurements at a high speed for high-volume production environments. Utilizing i1 Inside--the spectral technology inside Eye-One solutions that was originally introduced by GretagMacbeth--the Eye-One iSis provides measurement of reflective test charts measuring 1500 patches in 4 min with minimum effort and training. The iSis captures full spectral data and uses a built-in vision system that automatically corrects for how charts are aligned if they are fed into the system misaligned.

Two versions are available--an A4+ version that can measure a test chart with up to 1100 patches and an A3+ version that can measure a chart up to 2500 patches. In addition, the system is contact-less, which means it does not scratch or damage the test charts as they go through the machine. Eye-One iSis can handle substrates from 0.08- to 0.45-in. thick.

While pricing on the iSis is not yet final, X-Rite has estimated pricing to be between $4800 and $5700, depending on product size.


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