X-Rite’s New Color-Calibration Solutions

The i1Display Pro is designed for imaging professionals looking for high on-screen color accuracy.

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X-Rite has announced the availability of i1Display Pro and ColorMunki Display, two hardware and software solutions for color calibration and profiling of displays, laptops, and projectors. Both devices feature a high-end optical system with custom-designed filters as well as a colorimeter design combining three functions: ambient light measurement, display profiling, and projector profiling. They also incorporate new profiling software with features including Ambient Light Smart Control to measure and compensate for ambient lighting conditions, and FlareCorrect for measuring display surface flare and compensation of on-screen glare.

The i1Display Pro is designed for imaging professionals looking for high on-screen color accuracy and want total control over their monitors and projectors. Key features include: 5x measurement speed; easy switching between display or projector profiling and ambient light capture; infinite control of white point, luminance, contrast ratio, gamma and more; multiple monitor and workgroup matching; Intelligent Iterative Profiling to accurately measure the color capabilities of a display; X-Rite Automatic Display Control to automatically adjust display hardware; and Pantone Spot Color optimization with included Pantone Color Manager software.

The ColorMunki Display provides professional color results in a format that doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of color science. It features an ‘Easy’ mode with a selection of one-click presets as well as an ‘Advanced’ mode. Specific features include: quick switching between monitor or projector profiling and ambient light capture; advanced ColorMunki display- and projector-profiling software; and Intelligent Iterative Profiling.

X-Rite sister company Pantone has announced two new guides that extend the Pantone Plus Series: the Pantone Plus Series Designer Field Guide and the Pantone Plus Series Starter Guide. The Pantone Plus Series Designer Field Guide includes wider color swatches and tear-out chips of all 1341 Pantone Solid Colors; available on both coated and uncoated text-weight stock. Includes Pantone Color Manager software. Price: $169 (coated/uncoated set). The Pantone Plus Series Starter Guide is a sampler of select colors from each of the Plus Series Color libraries (543 colors in all). It contains selections from all Pantone Plus Series Color Libraries including Pastels & Neons, Premium Metallics, Classic Metallics, and Solid Colors. Price: $49.



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