Xaar Launches 3D Centre

New team will be led by Neil Hopkinson.

Big Picture

Xaar has announced plans to open the Xaar 3D Centre in Nottingham, UK, effective January 2017. The team, which will be led by Neil Hopkinson, will offer 3D printing services and equipment to OEMs, material suppliers, and end users.

Hopkinson has been with the company since March 2016. He is credited with inventing High Speed Sintering technology, a process which, according to a release, “uses inkjet printheads and infrared heaters to manufacture products layer by layer from polymer powder materials at much higher speeds than other additive manufacturing processes.”

The company has also recently added a group of engineers working in Copenhagen, Denmark, to help Xaar partners commercialize High Speed Sintering equipment.

3D printing is an important part of our strategic plan to grow total group sales to £220 million [nearly $275 million] by 2020,” says Doug Edwards, CEO.

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