Xaar Reveals Midas Ink Supply System

Designed to lower OEM development costs.

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Xaar has engineered the Midas Ink Supply System, a platform that can be integrated into OEM production systems and prototypes. The system offers a modular design and a small, angled ink tank, as well as optional degasser and remote heater units. It is designed to run multiple printheads.

Xaar reports Midas can be powered on in less than 15 min and shut down in less than 5 sec. Changing fluids requires only 30 min or less. The system can be positioned up to 16.4 ft away from the printhead using a remote manifold. Ink temperature can be controlled up to 149 F, and ink is recirculated to avoid settling.

Additional features include a failsafe chamber designed to protect against ink loss during power failure. The Midas system is compatible with Xaar’s 501, 502, 1003, 2001, and 2001+ printhead families.

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