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Xara Designer Product Upgrades

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer MX v8 and Xara Designer Pro X v8.

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Xara has announced the availability of its new version 8 Designer products: Xara Photo & Graphic Designer MX v8 and Xara Designer Pro X v8. Both products provide tools for a range of graphic-design tasks: illustration, photo editing, advanced page layout, Web graphics, and animations – and in the case of Designer Pro building complete websites and online presentations.

New features include:
• Powerful Color Erase/Selection to enhance (change color, adjust brightness, blur, etc) or make parts of photos transparent based on the selected color.
• Photo hue adjustment to change the color tint of any part of a photo.
• Shape Erase Tool that can perform both vector erasing or path adjustment.
• New Inline Graphics for embedding symbols and icons into text.
• Many other Photo Tool improvements and additions including the integrated Panorama stitching tool, a more efficient “Optimize all images” function and ability to optimize images upon upload.
• Media Exchange. All titles in the Magix/Xara range can share media files with each other and with third-party services such as Flickr and Facebook.

Price: $299 for Xara Designer Pro X v8; $89 for Xara Photo & Graphic Designer MX 8.


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