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Xara Releases Enhanced Version of Xara X

Vector graphic illustration software has more tools, is faster

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The latest version of Xara X vector graphic illustration software is faster than its predecessor and features an integrated Picture Editor that provides cropping, rotating, enhancing, and sharpening. In addition, the new Xara X v1 offers a zero-memory footprint editing feature"?which means a new edited image requires no memory or file space; photos are embedded as JPEGs for minimum file space and take zero memory when copied and edited.

Xara X v1 features a comprehensive palette of drawing tools that can be applied to vector and bitmap images, including transparency and graduated transparency effects plus real-time vector feathering and linked colors. In addition, the new version of Xara X also offers interactive shadows, bevels, and contours, pressure-sensitive brushstroking, and multi-stage, graduated fills.

Formerly licensed to Corel and distributed as CorelXARA, Xara X v1 is suitable for Win 98/XP, Me, and 2000; a free trial can be downloaded from the company's website. Price: $179 (upgrades from Xara X are also available). (Xara, www.xara.com)

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