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Xerox Debuts 8254E and 8264E Printers

Both models utilize eco-solvent inks.

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New from Xerox are its 8254E and 8264E wide-format printers, both utilizing eco-solvent inks. Designed for sign shops, commercial print providers, copy shops, graphic-design agencies, and in-plant operations, the two share many specs, including:

* Eco-Solvent Ultra CMYK ink that doesn't require a ventilation system; inks are UV stabile up to 3 yr;

* Resolutions of 540, 720, and 1440 dpi;

* Print modes: 540 x 720, 720 x 720, and 1440 x 720 dpi;

* One Epson piezo printhead that offers dynamic variable-dot imaging and intelligent interweaving;

* The ability to print on a variety of materials from uncoated vinyl to high-quality coated media;

* No provided RIP; optional RIPs are the Xerox Wide Format Color Server Pro RIP or the Xerox Wide Format Color Server RIP; and

* A standard take-up roll that can handle rolls up to 42 lb (8254E) and 67 lb (8264E); it can also accommodate single sheets.

The 54-in. Xerox 8254E offers print speeds up to 143 sq ft/hr in banner mode and 55 sq ft/hr in quality mode; inks are available in 200-ml cartridges.

The 64-in. Xerox 8264E features a top speed of 172 sq ft/hr in banner mode and 58 sq ft/hr in quality mode. Additionally, it offers 220- and 400-ml ink cartridges and an optional motorized winder/unwinder with media cutter that can accommodate media rolls up to 220 lb.

Both machines begin shipping in September.

At Drupa, Xerox also presented a 'concept' press-the Xerox iGen3 Concept Color 220. This twin-engine press has the capacity to process 220 color pages per minute-which translates into a potential monthly volume of 7 million pages, reports the company.


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