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Xerox Offers New Coated Papers for High-Speed Presses

Coating provides better toner adhesion

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Xerox has expanded its coated paper line for high-speed digital presses. The enhanced portfolio now offers coated papers with a variety of brightness levels and finishes for use on Xerox iGen3 and Xerox Nuvera production presses. The Xerox coating provides superior toner adhesion and ensures that papers reliably run through the presses.

Xerox Digital Color Elite is a coated, two-sided paper with a blue-white shade, 94 brightness, and is available in both gloss and silk. It comes in a variety of sizes, up to 20.5 x 14.33 in. in 80-, 100-, and 110-lb stocks, and is used for catalogs, books, and marketing collateral pieces.

Xerox Digital Color Select Gloss is a coated, two-sided paper for use in fliers, newsletters, and brochures. It has a bluewhite shade, 90 brightness, and is available in both 80-lb and cover weights, and in 17 x 11-, 18 x 12-, and 20.5 x 14.33-in. sizes.

Xerox Digital Color Supreme Gloss is a coated, one-sided paper with 92 brightness and an Arctic white shade. The cast-coated paper line is available in 8-, 10-, and 12-pt thicknesses, and a broad range of sizes for use in calendars, photographs, packaging, postcards, and manuals.


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