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Xitron Introduces XiFlow 2.0 and Xenith Extreme

Operators can define production steps, schedules

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Xitron's XiFlow 2.0 is an enhanced prepress workflow software for the Navigator RIP (now at version 6.4) and other Harlequin RIPs. It uses a graphical interface to allow operators to define the different steps in their workflows, including job management, preflighting, proofing, and output.

XiFlow 2.0 includes enhancements from its earlier version, such as a new PDF Stabilizer, which converts incoming Post- Script and PDF files to an optimized PDF format, forming a unified standard for consistent and faster output on various devices. The software also now includes Preflight Checker, which uses technology licensed from Enfocus. Jobs with errors are automatically paused. Users can view a report outlining errors and warnings. Enfocus Action Lists automate fixes for users for most problems. Errors can be fixed in Adobe Acrobat using Enfocus Pit- Stop without having to open the file again in the native application. When the corrected file is saved as a PDF, the job is released, allowing XiFlow to continue processing. XiFlow 2.0 also contains a JDF Enabler, which interprets JDF commands and passes the information on to the RIP.

Xitron is also introducing its Xenith Extreme, a workflow software that offers PDF Creation, Certified PDF, built-in preflight, in-RIP trapping, NORM and ROOM proofing, post-RIP imposition, archiving, and unlimited client interface. JDFs can be imposed using the optional Dynagram imposition solution. JDF imposition with Xitron Extreme Workflow gives users the opportunity to adjust production schedules and apply screening and color management at the last minute. The JDF Press Control option extends the commercial press control system functionality beyond setting the ink"?cutting down makeready time. (Xitron: www.xitron.com)

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