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Xitron's Navigator 7.0 RIP

Includes a JDF-enabler module and in-RIP imposition

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Xitron is now shipping version 7.0 of its Harlequin-based Navigator RIP for Windows. New enhancements in the updated version include native support for PDF 1.5 files, PDF/X-1a:2003, and PDF/X3:2003 formats, as well as font emulation in PDF files. Navigator 7.0 will make a typographically acceptable match to missing fonts with no text overflow and with appropriate character spacing, height, and width.

In addition, version 7 also offers new options including a JDF Enabler module and in-RIP Simple Imposition designed for the 2-up marketplace. The JDF Enabler supports the JDF 1.2 specification, including support for TIFF files as either a file format or reference file.

The Navigator RIP drives more than 150 output devices, including proofers.


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