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XMPie Unveils uImage Variable-Data Solution

Automatically merges variable image and text data with Photoshop templates.

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XMPie has unveiled a new variable imaging solution, uImage, which allows Adobe Photoshop CS2 users to merge images and graphics into XMPie variable-data productions online and in print.

UImage automatically merges variable image and text data with Photoshop templates to compose personalized changes that are then automatically integrated back into XMPie VDP production. Specific features include: X-DOT Technology--Transparency technology that incorporates transparency and drop shadow effects created in Adobe InDesign with XMPie variable settings; and Dynamic Object Styles: Adobe InDesign users can change styles, per recipient, applied to any image or text object in a document.

XMPie is also unveiling the newest version of its variable-data software PersonalEffect v. 2.5. Features include: automatic image and text fitting; cross media Application; and automation of design tasks--where uImage allows user-defined scripts to automate Photoshop design tasks via JavaScript or Photoshop's Actions Palette.

XMPie's products are based on modularity, so pricing varies depending on the customer and what type of license their company is purchasing, says Ryoko Ono, XMPie spokesperson.


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