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10 Ways to Create the Limelight

(January 2008) posted on Thu Jan 10, 2008

Display systems can help produce a double-take for your client's graphics.

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By Angela Prues

The display unit, at left, has a backlit, convex-face and can include any of 30,000 scents on the "menu," including 40 separate coffee scents and other edibles (such as "Smokin’ on the Grill," "Choco-Lot," and "Grandma’s Kitchen") as well as florals, seasonals, and more (custom scents are also available). The scent module heats the gel scent elements and disperses the scent with a built-in fan; each scent element provides 200-250 hours of scent dispersion, Clearr reports.

The sound module can also integrate a range of sounds. The sounds can be continuous, or can be configured to play only when motion is detected or when a button is pushed.

The display comes in standard sizes of 23.5 x 52-inch wallmount, 23.5 x 64-inch double-image wall-mount (can be mounted horizontally or vertically), and 23.5 x 72-inch double-sided floormount, or customized sizes. Prices range from $756 to $1132.


A ‘Wood’-Be Success

With Mother Earth back in vogue, a natural look may be just the extra something a client is seeking. MDI Worldwide has two standard wood banner stands as well as customizable wood display options. The solid wood banner stands are top-loading and graphics slide in place. The customizable stands can be ordered in various sizes, styles, and finishes.

The stock units come in a 22 x 28-in wall hanging stand or a 22 x 56-in floor model with either curved feet or an oval base. Both stock units are cherry finished. Price: $120, wall; $325, floor.


Greener Screen

DSA/Phototech has begun offering energy-saving solutions with its DSA/LED illuminated display. The new display lasts more than four times as long as fluorescent lighting while using a 12-volt power source, the company reports. The LED measures less than 1-inch deep and has a front-snap frame with tool-free graphic change out.

The ADA-compliant system is available in anodized silver with four size options- 22 x 28, 24 x 36, 30 x 40, and 36 x 48-inches-or in custom sizes up to 48 x 96 inches. Powder-coat finishes are available. Made of lightweight aluminum, the display comes with a clear cover sheet and an 18-month warranty. Price: $565 to $1020 for standard sizes.


All in the Angles