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10 Ways to Create the Limelight

(January 2008) posted on Thu Jan 10, 2008

Display systems can help produce a double-take for your client's graphics.

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By Angela Prues

Versatile sloping and angling makes the Moss Allure a high-profile tension fabric display for tradeshows, retail environments, exhibits, and special events. Contrasting the traditional rectangular displays, the Allure display options include sloping right or left, a bowing, or a "fountain" look. Regardless of the shape, all graphics are slid into the top and bottom grooves from right to left.

The aluminum-framed Allure, Moss reports, can be assembled in less than two minutes without tools and, with its media included, weighs less than 15 pounds in the carrying case. Assembly simply requires connecting the base pole with the bottom and then snapping the top into place, using only the provided handle. Moss also offers accessories including a top-mounting light, a shelf unit, and more.


Retraction Action

The Consort Display Group’s DisplayOne division offers the Premium 3386 retractable banner stand with an easy tension control option. The stand has a turning wheel that allows for controlling tension of the graphic without disassembling the display. The fold-out base provides additional durability, while the telescoping pole allows for various banner heights and permits pulling and retracting, the company reports.

The Premium comes in a silver finish with a carrying case and weighs in at 19 pounds. Graphic size: 33.5 x 86 inches. Price $198.


Feasibly Flexible

Sometimes, it’s necessary to also bring the client’s message outside. The Mediascreen 2 Outdoor by Expand is a durable, all-weather display system. Portable and retractable, the Mediascreen 2 Outdoor features a spring-loaded pole that allows it to bend in wind gusts up to 22 mph-dropping the display to roughly a 60? angle. At higher wind speeds, the display will simply bend further and snap upright again when the wind subsides; the feet are extended to prevent the display from tipping over. Additional stabilization stakes are available for use on softer ground such as grass, sand, or even snow.

The display measures 337/16 x 707/8 inches after assembly, which Expand reports takes only a minute. MSRP: $750.


Revolving the Mount