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A Specialty Media Solution

(October 2012) posted on Wed Nov 14, 2012

Nearly 140 sources for fabrics, fine-art and magnetic media, transfer papers, wallcoverings, and more.

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Sometimes, standard media just won’t cut it. You need to find a way to push a job out of Mediocre Territory and into the Land of Outstanding. One great solution is to utilize specialty media: printable fabrics, direct-print magnetic media, wallcoverings, dye-sub transfer papers, and fine-art canvas and media. These non-traditional substrates will help ensure that your clients’ graphics stand out and that their messages are well received – and that they’ll keep coming back to your shop for more excellent results.

In this issue’s sourcelist, you’ll find companies that offer printable fabrics, fine-art canvas and media, direct-print magnetic media, dye-sub transfer papers, wallcoverings, and other specialty media all designed for wide-format output. Companies are listed alphabetically, and we’ve provided an overview of samplings from each company (for a complete product roster visit the company website). For quick reference, we’ve placed graphic icons adjacent to each company to indicate its specialty-media mix:
Note: For purposes of this sourcelist, we’ve only listed primary producers, manufacturers, and converters of specialty media for wide-format, as well as companies that have their own branded media. We’ve not listed distributors/dealers who are selling other companies’ media. Nor have we included more traditional media (see our September issue for rollfed vinyls, films, and self-adhesives) or rigid substrates (see August).

A.Berger GmbH
Dye-sub and direct-print fabrics, art canvas.

Adams Magnetic PrintMag inkjet-receptive magnetic media; FoilMag, MagSteel, MagBond magnet-receptive materials.

ProJet and ProJet Elite fine-art media.

Advantage Sign Supply
Opti-Jet photo papers, Opti-Solve canvas and Wall Tex.

Orasign fabrics.

Essense printable foil; Synaps synthetic media.

Air Waves Inc.
Transfer papers

American Permalight  
PermaLight Photoluminescent media.

Photo papers, transfer paper, proofing media.

DPF 206 fabric; rollup banner.

Arnold Magnetic Technologies
FlexMag UltraMag digital flexible magnetic media (sold as either magnetized or unmagnetized); sheet magnetizers also available.

Aslan Schwarz
Metallic-effect film, carpet film.

Aurora Specialty Textiles
Northern Lights printable textiles and fabrics; DHJ DecoPrint fabrics, Weaves of Green textiles.

AW Specialty Papers
Subli-Trans dye-sub transfer papers.

Axon Graphix
PerfectProof proofing papers; photoArt fine-art and production papers.