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Accelerate Your Training Efforts

(October 2013) posted on Fri Oct 04, 2013

A better educated staff will revitalize your shop.

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The old maxim, “If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward,” certainly applies to education and training. It’s all too easy to fall behind when striving to maintain your knowledge base.

As the tools you utilize daily in your output, workflow, and finishing departments move and shift, your company’s employees need to be able to keep up with this “technology drift.” If not, as the years progress, your shop is likely to see rapid downgrades in proficiency, efficiency, and, eventually, profitability.

There are opportunities throughout the graphic-arts marketplace to accelerate your training efforts – sometimes, you just have dig for them. Across the industry, manufacturers and suppliers, associations, and tradeshow companies are recognizing the importance of a better educated workforce. So there’s no better time to get back to the classroom – even if that “classroom” is online – and hone your skills.

Training from manufacturers and suppliers
Nearly all industry companies offer training on the specific hardware or software they produce and sell – either as part of the purchase price or for an additional fee. But many companies are now partnering with other manufacturers, suppliers, and associations, etc., to provide users with a broader range of knowledge and expertise. Here are some of the companies that offer training, education, and events beyond the basics. (Note: As you might guess, some of what manufacturers and suppliers offer is company- and product-centric by its very nature.)

Agfa Graphics ( is planning educational workshops and open houses for 2014 at which attendees will be able to learn about UV and solvent printing, rigid and flexible media as well as inks, and related technology; dates and locales to be announced. The company also works with other industry suppliers and associations for educational events hitting topics such as color management and G7 training.

Arlon’s ( website offers its Video Gallery, an array of free educational videos on various wrap topics, including: “Extreme Stretch Installation,” “Removing a Vinyl Wrap,” “Deep Channel Installation,” “Testing an Interior Wall” (for interior wall wraps), “Using a Knifeless Cutting Method,” “Wet Application of a Window Graphic,” and others. Users can subscribe to receive news each time a new video is available.