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Accessing Your Assets

(April 2008) posted on Wed Apr 09, 2008

Find the right solution for organizing and archiving digital image assets.

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By Angela Prues

Artesia Digital Media Group

Artesia DAM is compatible with a Mac or PC and numerous photo editing and design programs. Features of Artesia DAM include: Ingest for browser-based or automated uploading of large-content files; Index to automatically store file information; Secure to ensure files are safely stored; Collaborate for sharing information across the Web; and Search from Open Text for allowing keyword and natural language asset searches based on content, metadata, and taxonomies. Artesia DAM also allows photo editing, content linking, asset format conversion, and file distribution through a browser or to other servers. Optional Artesia DAM features include a Web toolkit, XMP/PTC adapter, PowerPoint adapter, Telestream Flip Factory adapter, and Virage Logging Adapter.


BrighTec's Media Beacon system stores all asset information with thumbnail views, extended views, and metadata in XML format, and it maintains the original file on the server. Groups of assets can also be catalogued into PDFs, which can be maintained on a server and viewed online. The open-architecture-, hierarchical-storage-based system can index more than 100 file types and also allows image files and their metadata to be exported. Nearly all Media Beacon administrative tasks can be run via the Internet.


Canto's Cumulus 7.5 supports Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, and InDesign CS3 as well as 50 new digital raw formats. Assets can be dragged and dropped into the Cumulus Collection Basket for organization and indexing, and the Categories feature now offers more viewing and hiding options plus a refresh button to keep the page current. Other features include Metadata field formulas to determine the field's value, a PDF page merger, updated PowerPoint handling, and a Scheduler to update assets and find missing assets. Files can now be catalogued directly from Windows Explorer or Mac OS X Finder without launching the Cumulus 7.5 program.

ClearStory Systems

Clear Story Systems offers ActiveMedia, a digital-asset-management suite that's geared toward the print and graphic-arts industry as well as marketing and brand management. The suite comprises several components, including:

* ActiveMedia, a Web-based program that manages digital-media images, graphics, videos, publishing files, presentations, fonts, logos, and picture libraries. It offers Internet-accessible workspace to organize, find, share, collaborate, and distribute images and digital files. An ActiveMedia Essentials edition is available for small businesses.