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Accessing Your Assets

(April 2008) posted on Wed Apr 09, 2008

Find the right solution for organizing and archiving digital image assets.

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By Angela Prues

A server edition of FileMaker Pro 9 is also available.


FotoWare 6.0, a DAM system for finding, processing, and sharing digital assets, now supports XMP metadata while remaining compatible with existing installations. Metadata can now be added to any file type for full FotoWare searching capabilities.

FotoStation Pro 6.0 is designed for professional digital-asset-workflow solutions by building new archives or organizing existing ones. New features include SmartClean automatic image enhancement, customizable thumbnail and preview appearances, and Data Mining for finding images without formulating a search for them. FotoStation Pro includes tools for high-speed image editing and offers a fully integrated color-management system. Sharing with FotoStation can be done through a network or uploaded with an FTP or HTTP. The program is compatible with major publishing software programs and the Mac version supports Universal Binaries.

FotoWare Cameleon is also available, geared toward small office environments.

Graphic Detail

Graphic Detail offers Thumbs Up multimedia management solutions for images, animation, graphics, text, sound, and video-up to 2.1 billion files can be archived in numerous file formats. Viewing options allow users to view the entire database or a single record, and images have search, sort, and reorder features. Thumbs Up offers 132 user-definable searching fields, drop-down choice lists, and importing or exporting options for existing data. Searches can be run through multi-criteria, quick sorts, and numbers-based field organizing such as alphanumeric, date, time, Boolean, integer, real number, and text fields.

Thumbs Up supports internet and intranet usage and offers password protection for security.

HindSight Ltd

Stockview, a DAM system from Hindsight, helps manage stock photography plus digital and analog image files. Any image can be tracked, including layouts and design, all with updated meta capabilities. Images can be read, written, edited, and metatags imported, as well as batch convert sizes and file types or rename batches. With Web integration, users can offer thumbnail galleries for online viewing or a searchable image library on their website.