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Accessing Your Assets

(April 2008) posted on Wed Apr 09, 2008

Find the right solution for organizing and archiving digital image assets.

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By Angela Prues

IDimager 4 stores and manages images in a cataloging system, with an open architecture that integrates into existing image-workflow applications. Images can be searched through keywords or phrases, dates, or origin. Images can be collected through Virtual Collections, Fast Collections, or the Image Basket, regardless of what aspect of the program the user is in. The stacking and versioning features allow multiple copies of an image to be stored together, and the Version Placeholders allows users to browse through the multiple versions. Entire images or simply parts of an image can be tagged for searching.

IDimager automatically writes metadata as XMP, IPTC, or EXIF. Archiving can be done on an external hard drive, CD, DVD, memory card, or other storage device. IDimager will update references to the new location.

iView Multimedia

Acquired by Microsoft in 2006, iView offers the MediaPro 3 digital-asset-management and cataloging solution. The software allows users to organize, manage, archive, and search more than 100 files formats, including raw files. Users can create visual databases with previews and annotations so files can be searched even when originals are offline. The drag-and-drop option allows batch meta-tagging using industry standards, including IPTC, XMP, and EXIF. Images can be edited in single or batch mode with Version Control, and full scripting support is available with Visual Basic or JavaScript for Windows and Applescript on Macintosh. The creative export options also allow high-quality PDF composites, contact sheets, and printouts of any size and layout.


MediaDex 2 offers cataloging, organizing, searching, and sharing options for all standard media file formats. Using a customizable auto-cataloguing feature, users can organize files within catalogs and collections with multiple hierarchical categories. MediaDex now also offers batch file conversion, renaming, and editing as well as customizable workspace layout and duplication detection. Searching can be done through keywords, metadata information, Boolean operators, or a Quicksearch option. MediaDex 2 can also read and write metadata in EXIF, IPTC, and XMP and utilizes ICC color-management options.

Meta Communications