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Accessing Your Assets

(April 2008) posted on Wed Apr 09, 2008

Find the right solution for organizing and archiving digital image assets.

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By Angela Prues

Photools' iMatch image-management solution can organize and catalogue images through user-determined methods. The Open System approach ensures data is never locked and offers flexible import and export features. Users create albums, categories, and keywords for image sorting and then can view, find, transform, rename, and convert images as well. The program supports more than 100 file formats, including raw images and uses the embedded EXIF, IPTC, and XMP metadata.


Media Mogul from Picdar manages digital assets with descriptive, technical, and metadata information. Media Mogul's 'system robots' obtain assets automatically from FTP, shared folders, and stripping attachments from e-mails, and notification is sent to the appropriate parties. Users determine appropriate components, work steps, and approvals necessary during the workflow process and track each step.

Media Mogul integrates with creative and publishing software, such as QuarkXPress and Adobe Creative Suite, and the program automatically places high-resolution image copies into final PDFs or print outs. Administrators determine image-view eligibility with the Visibility toolset, and interactive portals allow users to share projects with Web-based publishing.


Quark offers its Digital Media Server, which works in conjunction with the Quark Media Portal. Using an Oracle 9i database, the Digital Media Server aids users in obtaining, organizing, and archiving digital image files. The Media Portal then provides Web access to those files.


Photobase Professional Edition from RVC is a full image-integration database that allows users to archive and search for images. Users can determine which data is stored with each image; the program can digitize, search, archive, and show images as well as edit images' contrast, colors, size, rotation, brightness, and more. Photobase Professional works directly with Adobe Photoshop plug-ins and offers client-server-database possibilities.


Screen offers its TrueFlow3 ArchiveManager, to archive, restore, schedule, and search digital assets. Files can be archived on numerous storage devices, and the Schedule module automatically archives files without user intervention. The search options allow users to find archive sets or archive jobs, preview the jobs in lower resolution, and then restore those jobs into workflow, drop them into new jobs, or delete them.


SeeFile is a Web-based software DAM system that can be accessed by both PC and Mac users. Images can be automatically uploaded with SeeFile, eliminating the need for an FTP or email file exchange. SeeFile can handle nearly any file type and both raster and vector artwork. Previews can be created and viewed by clients online and the account administrator can restrict viewing access to all SeeFile information.

Wave Corporation

MediaBank, by Wave Corporation, supports all file types and immediately accepts and stores digital assets. Searching can be done through relative criteria and saved searches, with integral full-text searching even in design documents. MediaBank has automatic image drag-and-drop options into layouts, a thumbnail previewing option, and an open archive and restoration function. The system removes EXIF, XMP, Dicom and IPTC tags and applies the information to the metadata, as well.


Xinet's WebNative is a visual database that can be organized by job, subject, and contributor and searched by format, date, title, or any other file data. WebNative automates reformatting and resizing, notifies users of new jobs, and triggers PDF proofs. It accepts virtually any file format, including raw files, offers a drag-and-drop option into creative layouts, automatically generates image previews, and manages color with ICC profiles. Additionally, the program automatically integrates IPTC and XMP metadata and has unlimited custom metadata fields. WebNative supports creative-design-software programs, as well as PostScript programs and PDF RIPs.