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Adding Satellite Facilities

(June 2012) posted on Mon Jun 04, 2012

"When it comes to growth, every print provider should at least consider expanding their business by supplementing it with additional locations as a part of their strategy."

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By Marty McGhie

Another advantage of an additional sales office is that it will bolster the perception that you are a bigger company, to existing as well as potential customers. You now have more capabilities to service them. For example: Your customers often want you to provide them with some personalized consulting on bigger projects. This can be much more effective if you are able to meet with them in-person rather than by phone. And while this in-person huddle might be something as simple as reviewing color matches, being there can make much more of a connection to your client.

But, yes, there are a few disadvantages to establishing a remote sales office. For one, you’ll have to deal with the management of that office, which can be a difficult chore. We need to constantly give our sales reps the attention and support that they need to succeed – a task becomes much more difficult when they’re in a remote location. It can be very frustrating to your sales reps to be located in a site where they don’t have the ability to see, touch, or inspect jobs being produced at a distance. Remote sales reps must trust the home office to manage and produce their jobs, which is a difficult challenge for many.

Too, providing your sales team with the constant feedback and motivation that they typically need becomes logistically challenging when they’re in a satellite office. The only way it can really work is if your sales manager regularly visits the satellite office to ensure that each salesperson feels like they’re truly part of the team.

This strategy becomes even more difficult, by the way, if you’re setting up satellite offices in multiple places across a large geographical area. Management of offices in multiple time zones that might then require extensive travel for managers is something that should be carefully considered. While some companies have successfully managed multiple locations spread across the country, most have elected to keep their offices in one particular region of the country in an effort to avoid some of the issues that are inherent to long-distance managing.