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Adding 'Wow' to Wide Format

(August 2013) posted on Tue Jul 30, 2013

Eight ways to further differentiate your customer's wide-format project from their competitor's.

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In and of themselves, wide-format graphics will certainly stand out in a crowd of much smaller images. Just remember the first time you saw a very large graphic installed on the side of a building, for instance – that image probably is still in your mind today.

And while a supersized graphic can still draw our attention – particularly if the creative work is eye-catching or memorable – size in and of itself may no longer be quite the attention-grabber it once was.

There are ways, however, to help further differentiate your customer’s wide-format project from their competitor’s – to add a bit more “wow” to the equation and ensure that the project and the product gets the buzz it deserves.

1. Magnetics
Print providers producing elements for point-of-purchase and point-of-sale know that the only thing constant in many retail environments is, well, change. When it comes to producing these graphics, the use of printable magnetic media as well as magnetic-display systems offers the potential for jaw-dropping graphics with quick-change capabilities. The same holds true for any application that has temporary graphics needs.

CSI ( in Falls Church, Virginia, is no stranger to using magnetics systems as a way to accommodate its customers’ needs. So much so that it has produced a Red Bull sample wall in-shop to showcase the process. The wall was painted with magnetic paint, and magnetic panels were installed on top of paint, followed by the Red Bull graphic atop the panels.

Also keep in mind that you might be able to add additional “wow” to a client’s overall project by offering to produce promotional magnetized items for them, output onto magnetic media. More than $15 billion was spent on promotional products in 2009, according to Promotional Products Association International (

2. White Ink
White ink can bring a lot to the “wow” table. For example, putting down a layer or more of white ink and then printing on top of that will make the graphics “pop.” In addition, you can use white ink to bolster a graphic with a frosted effect. Plus, the utilization of white ink can help expand your media choices to include more clear as well as dark substrates, and even less typical substrates such as wood and metal. Using white as a spot color and/or a fill color is also possible with some printers.