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Adding 'Wow' to Wide Format

(August 2013) posted on Tue Jul 30, 2013

Eight ways to further differentiate your customer's wide-format project from their competitor's.

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5. Get to the Floor
Once used almost exclusive for point-of-sale/point-of-purchase applications, floor graphics are now having an impact everywhere – from lobbies and public stairwells to stadiums, museums, streets, sidewalks, and just about anywhere there is foot or road traffic. And by putting the message at the potential client’s feet, you’re certainly setting your graphic apart from any vertical competition. You can print onto repositionable media designed exclusively for floor applications as well as onto inkjet-receptive flooring substrates. Late last year, Score! Las Vegas utilized BLT’s G-Floor Graphic (75-mil) for a 5500-square foot flooring system in its interactive sports exhibit; installation was done by Master Craft Carpet in Las Vegas.

6. Add a Multimedia/Dynamic Signage Component
Even if a client is reluctant to go “whole-hog” into dynamic signage, you can try matching up a dynamic-signage component with a wide-format static graphic – letting the technologies complement each other.

“When you present ideas to clients that demonstrate you offer a library of solutions that look good together, it can only help all parts of your business,” says Ricky Shannon, operations manager for Keith Fabry Reprographics (KFR, in Richmond, Virginia. KFR’s work with its client Jane Carter Solution resulted in this branded P-O-P display that incorporated both print work and a multimedia player.

7. Goin’ ‘Green’
For some clients, being able to boast that the print component of their marketing project is sustainable is critical – it allows them to further echo their green identity and perhaps stand out from their competitors. And other clients are mandated to integrate sustainability into their print work as a part of their corporate culture.

ProGraphix (, Austin, Texas, became SGP-certified in 2012 and now is on a mission to conduct “all of its activities in an environmentally responsible manner to benefit our customers, our employees, our suppliers, our community, and the world,” says owner Nicki Macfarlane. ProGraphix printed these shelf strips onto recyclable polypropylene film for client Whole Foods.

8. Cool Textures via Laminates
Yes, lamination can help bring a smooth finish and shine to a graphic, and then there’s the bonus of media protection. But, keep in mind that certain laminates can also add textures that will really make the graphic surface stand out.

For a project inside the University of Northwest Ohio’s suite at the Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, Kentucky, for instance, CGS Imaging ( chose Mactac Carbon Fiber Deco Lam to seal the deal. CGS used the Deco Lam over Mactac bubble-free cast vinyl adhesive that covered the countertops and trim inside the suite. Chuck Stranc, president of CGS, says the laminate was chosen to “achieve a stunning effect to the countertops and trim, giving a custom look and feel.”

Of course, there are many other ways, methods, and technologies to integrate into your wide-format-wow toolbox to add more pizzazz to your graphics – including matching up your graphics with an interesting display choice (see page 22). Have any other suggestions for “adding wow” – please drop us a note at