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A.P.E. Attacks Wrap on HorsePower TV

(October 2005) posted on Wed Oct 12, 2005

California shop provides high-performance muscle graphics.

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By Kacey King

"Guys love cars, the faster the better - that's the idea behind
'HorsePower TV,'" states the television show's website. The half-hour
program dedicated to high-performance muscle cars appears on Spike TV
("the first network for men") on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and
each show details modifications made to a project car. Over the
course of a season, the same car may receive an engine buildup, a new
suspension, a fender swap-out, and much more.

When the show wanted to add color graphics to its "Project Super
Nova" car - a 1969 Chevrolet Nova - it called on A.P.E. Wraps of
Coronado, CA, just outside of San Diego, which specializes in custom
vehicle wraps for auto-show cars as well as personal vehicles. A.P.E.
does its own design work as well as printing, finishing, and
installing. As you might guess, A.P.E. Wraps owner Troy Downey said
he and his crew would gladly oblige.

RTM Productions, the show's producers, provided Downey with a
hand-drawn concept rendering they had come up with-which had been
scanned in and saved as a JPEG-but wanted A.P.E. "to embellish it and
make it better," says Downey. RTM was familiar with the shop's work,
so they had no qualms about giving the shop free reign and letting
them, well, "go ape."

A.P.E. spent a total of 15 hours designing HorsePower TV's
"Project Super Nova," wrap in between its daily production work. The
project's initial and biggest challenge, says Downey, was a critical
one: Because this was an older "muscle car," no vehicle templates
were readily available. A.P.E. had to create the template from
scratch, doing all the point-to-point measuring and remeasuring prior
to beginning the actual design itself, then scaling the artwork to
fit these measurements. Downey and crew used Adobe Illustrator to
create the template, and used Illustrator as well as Photoshop in
executing the design. All the elements in the design were original;
none were from stock.