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At the ‘Floor-Front’

(May 2014) posted on Tue May 13, 2014

Floor graphics are continuing to evolve.

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By Paul R. Greenland

“Floor graphics are everywhere,” concurs Jaimie Mask, product manager for LexJet Corporation. “One of the hippest ways to market these days is on floors, and with good reason since our eye has a tendency to look down while walking. Studies have shown that products move better when marketing is placed in the walkway of possible users, so why not? The top applications we’re asked about are retail and sidewalk graphics.”

In addition to continued growth on the retail side, floor graphics are seeing a big push across all categories.

“We’re seeing them more and more in convenience stores,” says Jason Yard, marketing manager, distributor products with Mactac, “but anywhere you can advertise and get to a customer – whether it’s a movie theater or in a shopping mall. One of the slowly emerging trends we’ve noted is wayfinding for hospitals, airports, train stations, that sort of thing. More and more people are looking down at their cell phones and walking, rather than looking up to where they’re going, so they tend to see these floor graphics more and more lately.”

And floor graphics are moving out of the traditional marketplace. “We are now leaving the comfort zone of what vinyl floor graphics used to be,” says Steve Bunio, wide-format specialist for xpedx. “We are evolving, we are changing. More and more people are getting out there, walking around, looking around, and graphics are just so in front of you. If I’m going to Penn Station, and just walking up stairs, I’ll see floor graphics on the stairs. You can't miss it. It’s right there in front of you, and that’s pretty exciting.”

Just what you see when you encounter a floor graphic is changing, too, because the very definition of what a floor graphic comprises is changing. “What we’re seeing more of is full-coverage floor graphics for an entire area, something that might wrap around an area – basically branding an entire section of the store, as opposed to just traditional wayfinders or stock graphics,” says Dennis Brunnett, product manager of product branding at Flexcon.

Into the man caves
Let’s take a look at just a few of the specific applications and uses for floor graphics that are becoming more and more looked for across the marketplace.