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BASF's Justinx Dye-Sub Inks

(October 2005) posted on Fri Oct 21, 2005

Six-color water-disperse inks

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BASF's Justinx Dye-Sub Inks
Designed for wide-format inkjets, BASF's
new Juxtinx dye-sub inks are 6-color
(CMYKcm, gray) water-based disperse
dye inks that are printed onto transfer
paper, and then transferred thermally to
the final fabric substrate"?typically polyester
and polyamide.

Justinx dye-sub inks are manufactured
by BASF with a Sawgrass product
license and are recommended for use on
Mimaki JV4, TX2-1600, TX 1600, JV22,
and JV2; Mutoh Viper and Falcon II;
Roland Hi-Fi JET Pro, Hi-Fi JET Pro II, and
Soljet; and D-gen printers.
Inks start at approximately $76
("??63) for 0.5 kg. BASF is exclusively selling
the Justinx dye-sub inks from the
company website.