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Becoming a JDF Expert

(June 2004) posted on Tue Jun 08, 2004

Readers of The Big Picture receive $20 off each IPA training module

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Looking to lead your own company's efforts into JDF? You may want to
begin with some in-depth training. To that end, CIP4 has partnered with
the Association of Graphic Solutions Providers (IPA), to offer a "JDF
Expert Certificate" program.

Students who complete the entire JDF Expert Certificate program
(composed of 13 separate training modules) will better understand how
process automation can meet company requirements; gain insight into
strategies to migrate to a JDF-enabled environment; and learn how to
read JDF and understand how the data flow can be leveraged to improve
the process. The program concludes with a test that participants must
pass to achieve the JDF Expert Certificate. Program content was
developed by CIP4, while IPA will produce, market, and administer the
program and testing.

Live modules for the JDF program end in July, but recorded modules are
available on-demand or on CD. Price: $145 per module or $1570 for the
set of 13. Big Picture readers can receive $20 off the
per-module price by going to
(Association of Graphic Solutions Providers,