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Bettering Your Shop's Website

(August 2007) posted on Mon Aug 06, 2007

How to make a print provider's online home stand out in the crowd.

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By Gregory Sharpless

'The live Production Cam is a feature that we put in place about 7 years ago to allow our customers the opportunity to watch their vehicles being wrapped,' says David Pesnell, Austin Graphics' president. 'A recent customer was having his wife's VW Beetle wrapped as a gift, and kept calling us because he could not see the vehicle on the web cam. Not uncommon, other than that he was calling from Iraq. So we were happy to reposition the car to accommodate him.'

Putting Faces with a Name

Shops sometimes forget that customers want to deal with people-not machines or websites. To make this easier, it's important to highlight the staff. Many shops address this by simply running a single group photo, perhaps with a list of names. But this rarely helps the website visitor get a true feel for the shop and, importantly, how much expertise that staff has.

Two examples here:

On its 'Obligatory People Page,' Vision International ( in Salt Lake City mixes photos of its executive teams with personal information and some irreverent humor as well. 'We are just trying to show a little personality and that our company is made up of talented and interesting people,' says Gene Chambers, Vision's vice president of sales and marketing.

The aforementioned OAI goes one step further on its 'Meet the Staff' page. While it does provide the single group photo, it also provides pictures and biographical information on the executives as well as the company's entire staff. You can search by company department (digital superwide, art, accounting, etc.) or you can simply scroll down the entire list.

Highlighting In-House Technologies

Icon Digital Productions (, in the Toronto, Canada area, recognizes that some customers are intrigued by what type of equipment is being used. With that in mind, the shop has added an Equipment sub-page to its 'How We Do It' page. But it's not simply an equipment list or roster, as many companies produce. Instead, each piece of equipment on the list can be clicked on to produce an image of that equipment (either solo or in use by shop personnel), as well as some verbiage about the equipment, its advantages, and some specs.