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Bosch Introduces Laser Levelers

(January 2017) posted on Thu Jan 12, 2017

VisiMax technology aids onsite installations.

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Bosch has added two new laser levelers to assist with installing applications, such as wall graphics, that require strict vertical, horizontal, and cross lines. The company’s VisiMax technology reportedly monitors the laser’s temperature to maintain both visibility and longevity of the tool.

The Bosch GLL 55 delivers a standard red beam, visible up to 50 ft; the Bosch GLL 100 G’s green laser is said to be four times brighter and is visible up to 100 ft. The company reports both lasers are accurate to 1/8 in. from 33 ft.

Both systems feature a locking Smart Pendulum System, designed to self-level and to indicate out-of-level conditions. The pendulum is locked when the system is turned off.

Additional features include an IP54 rating for water and dust protection, a magnetic L-mount base compatible with a tripod, retractable feet, and a hard shell carrying case.