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Broadening Print's Horizons

(December 2008) posted on Mon Dec 08, 2008

Why Sport Graphics never says 'No.'

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By Peggy Middendorf

Comprehensive Colts work
Customers have been attracted to that kind of one-stop-shopping mentality and have learned to rely on Sport Graphics for entire projects. For instance, one of the company’s recent big projects was a "station domination" for Lucas Oil Stadium, the new hometown football facility for the Indianapolis Colts. Sport Graphics produced hundreds of decor and signage pieces in and around the stadium.

But the project involved more than just printing the stadium’s banners and signage. When one of the Colts sponsors asked Sport Graphics to build a 16-foot-tall football helmet equipped with six large plasma screen TVs and an 18-foot horseshoe base-with seating inside the horseshoe-they said yes. An added twist to the design and construction of this installation is that it isn’t permanent. When the stadium is rented out, the horseshoe, along with many of the other Colts-related displays and graphics, have to be hidden or stored away. With this in mind, the horseshoe is built in modules so it can be easily taken apart and stored.

Another part of the Colts stadium job had the shop constructing an 8 x 40-foot wall display for electronics retailer HH Gregg. Covered in graphics, the display also includes embedded plasma TVs, shelves to hold featured products, and, of course, the whole wall has to be portable so it can be stored between Colts events. Sport Graphics constructed the wall with connectors that are strong but easily removed, and they designed and built a cart that holds all sections of the wall for easy storage.

This past summer, the shop constructed two 10-foot-tall Lucas Oil bottles destined for the stadium. They are exact replicas of oil containers on the shelf of your local automotive store; however these bottles contain 42-inch touch screen kiosks. Stadium visitors can walk up to these bottles and test their knowledge of Colts trivia.

Beyond the one-off walls, horseshoes, and giant oil bottles, the new Colts stadium also has the shop producing a lot of graphics, including three 40 x 30-foot banners and motorized billboards. Sport Graphics also printed stadium sponsor Lucas Oil’s signature 50 x 20-foot sign, which had to be installed 300 feet in the air, requiring the install team to work from a swinging stage hung from the roof supports. Additionally, Sport Graphics wrapped stadium columns in color, installed a runway on the floor, and much more.