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Broadening Print's Horizons

(December 2008) posted on Mon Dec 08, 2008

Why Sport Graphics never says 'No.'

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By Peggy Middendorf

* For the 2008 Opening Game of the NFL, Sport Graphics printed a window mural for the Colts’ old stadium and covered area hotels, the airport, nearby garages, and even garbage cans with event graphics.

* The Tampa Bay Sports Commission ordered a 280 x 20-foot mural (printed on window perf) to cover their facility’s window for the 2008 Women’s Final 4 Championship.

* Indy’s new Convention Center is nearly doubling in size. Caudill and Sport Graphics helped the Convention Center design the signage placement and developed a hardware system for the quick and easy installation and removal of graphics.

* Casino graphics (outside signage and indoor graphics) were requested for two new Indiana casinos, as well as wrapping the vehicle the casino gives away each week.

From hanging from a tall building to install a window graphic to applying a vehicle wrap, the signage division staff does it all. The understatement of the year is Caudill’s off-hand comment that "every day is a little different."

It will come as no surprise that with its expanding list of hardware and with the number of jobs ratcheting higher each day, the signage division has outgrown its current space. As this piece was written, Caudill reported that the company is looking to either expand its present location, or find a signage-only building within a mile of its current location.

A dedication to excellence
A recent job producing the banners for the 2007 Indianapolis Tennis Championships is a great example of how Sport Graphics will literally go to any lengths to satisfy a customer.

The project’s installation-time window was tight, scheduled for the day before the first match. As Caudill and his team were doing the install, however, a tournament official realized that the blue-the key color in every banner-was the wrong shade.

Not wanting to disappoint a customer, Caudill sent some of the install crew back to the shop to reprint the graphics. Then, as pieces were finished and delivered, the on-site crew installed them. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t cooperating. During that cold night, it began raining-making installing the self-adhesive graphics much more difficult. Caudill and the crew worked through the night, finishing just 30 minutes before the initial match’s first serve.

Rain-soaked all-nighters are not typical for Sport Graphics, but via jobs like this, Caudill and crew have proven to a diverse client list that once they are given a job, they don’t just finish it-they complete it so that everyone involved is more than satisfied with the results. Not only do they never tell a client "no," with a track record of excellence like this, its unlikely that they hear "no," either.

Peggy Middendorf is the former managing editor of The Big Picture.