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Business & Management Software

(April 2012) posted on Mon Apr 23, 2012

More than 40 front-end solutions for bettering your company’s bottom line.

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Avanti Computer Systems
Avanti’s Graphic Arts Management System comprises various standard Production modules including estimating (plus a “demand estimating” option for on-demand and specialty print shops); order entry; job costing and tracking; scheduling; inventory control; barcoding; shipping and shipping integration; fulfillment; shop-floor data collection; purchasing, invoicing, point-of-sale, and accounting integration; and JDF integration with plug-and-play or custom-integration options. Also available are Business Intelligence modules (CRM, business triggers/alerts, job manager), Web to print modules, and JDF modules.

Bard Business Solutions
Enterprise Manager, designed for large-format printers, ad agencies, and design firms, is a database management system with modules including: contact management, rates/products, equipment, employees, estimates, dockets, production scheduling, costing, time sheets, shipping, image storage, purchase orders, and invoices. The company also offers Digital Print Manager (for digital printers), Graphics Manager (for trade printers), Graphics Express (for print brokers), and other products.

Flow+, from Caldera, is a business-automation control tool for wide format, integrating MIS, CRM, and ERP tools. It includes these modules: Client Management, Job Tracking, Sales Manager, Warehouse Administration, Finance Viewer, and more. Flow+ is compatible with Caldera’s RIP.

CASper Eazynet Solutions
CASper Sign Business software comprises the following modules: Estimating (including large-format digital); Project Management (including maintenance, billing); Job Tracking (with 10-task Job Board); CRM; Data Mining; Accounting; Inventory Control; Shop Management; Production Scheduling; and more. CASper on the Cloud is now available.

CiberQuote is a quotation system designed for sign making. It allows for quick generation of quotes; materials specification; billable works-time specs (design, printing, cutting, assembly, etc.); payment-methods indication; customizable print-quote formatting; and more. A database manager is included. Seriprix6 is available for screenprinting.

CRC Information Systems
All of CRC’s offerings are geared toward the graphic arts. Its products include solutions for: estimating (including digital printing); inventory (including roll stock and fulfillment); production (job planning, costing, scheduling); accounting; e-commerce; and CRM. Its Dashboards utilize color, graphs, symbols, and charts to help users quickly and easily review data.

Cut-Estimator Pro allows users to predict the cost of cutting/routing projects. The software utilizes material-specific values to define cutting/routing methods, speeds, and tooling requirements specifically for the cutter/router used. Cost, sales price, and number of work hours needed for that project are provide; the software also can give up to six alternative estimates based on different quantities.