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Buying a Printer: Financial Incentives

(March 2013) posted on Wed Feb 27, 2013

Vendors have assembled packages to help your shop expand its capabilities.

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By Mike Antoniak

But Cain notes, however, that availability of financing doesn’t necessarily guarantee easy approval for all who apply. “Most new opportunities are subject to much further scrutiny by the banks and leasing institutions than in the past,” he adds. “Qualification is based on financial health, a strong business plan, and past history.”

“Small businesses still need to demonstrate good payment character, especially on fixed-term debt,” says Piermarini. “Credit-card percentage availability needs to be 40 percent or better; previous years would require 60 percent or better. The guidelines are more defined now, with certain markers still preventing approvals, such as bankruptcies, charge-offs, tax liens, etc.”

Whatever the financial arrangements, buyer beware, cautions Terry Mitchell, vice president for marketing at Fujifilm Graphic Systems Division: “If delayed payments or reduced payments are offered, be sure to know what the financing rates and terms will be both during and after this initial period. You should also know if there are any pre-payment penalties, especially if credit markets improve and you want to refinance the equipment.”

A range of deals and promotions
Those who qualify for financing, or with the cash to invest, might qualify for some additional purchase incentives. Along with loans and leases, vendors are doing whatever they can to make their systems even more attractive to purchasers. There are no set rules, no promotion standards – buyers must evaluate printers and programs case by case to decide on the most attractive package to help grow their businesses.

At Epson, Richard Day, group product manager for the Professional Imaging division, notes, “We are constantly reviewing ways we can ensure our customers get the best value for Epson equipment, and our programs are being regularly updated.” Current promotions are featured on the “Promotions” section of the company’s Professional Imaging division website. For instance, through the end of February, Epson offered rebates on its entire line of professional graphics systems.