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By The Light of 'Illume'

Crush Creative is a leading light in the production of Red Bull's Illume Image Quest photography com

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By Clare Baker

White’s design consisted of 25 8 x 8-ft powder-coated aluminum cubes, comprising two sides of solid aluminum and two sides of 1/4-in. tempered glass, complete with light boxes installed inside. Each cube would display two of the 50 images, which would be installed behind the glass. During the day, exhibit visitors would see only their reflection in the glass, but at night, the light boxes would be switched on to reveal the illuminated photographs. White approached the project as an art installation, he says, rather than as a photography exhibit. "I wanted people to experience the exhibit as art," he explains.

Once the design had been chosen, One L. Productions approached the San Francisco office of Sparks Exhibits and Environments (based in Philadelphia) to oversee and manage the fabrication of the final design. Sparks tapped Accurate Staging in Los Angeles to fabricate the cubes and Dale Galford of California Outdoor Decorators to construct the light boxes contained within the cube. Orlando-based Techno Media Solutions provided the power distribution and show control systems so that the cubes could be illuminated by remote-control.

The end result of all this "cube synergy" was the creation of 25 self-contained cubes weighing in at 1800 lbs each, complete with a generator, run-off drains, and ventilation, lighting, heating, and cooling systems. "Each of these cubes," says White, "is like a separate building. Everything was designed to withstand the elements in any conditions."

Prints come to light
For image output, White suggested a print provider he had turned to in the past, Crush Creative ( In business for nearly 30 years under different names, the print shop has operated as Crush Creative for about 5 years. Originally a custom photographic lab, "as technology has advanced and digital technology has developed," says Polan, "Crush has evolved into an almost 100% digital company, specializing in large-format graphics for retail and entertainment."