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Canon Publishes EOS Digital Workflow CD

(August 2003) posted on Tue Aug 26, 2003

Photographer's reference guide eases transition from film to digital

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Canon's new EOS Digital Workflow CD can help photographers ease the transition from film to digital photography and better understand evolving digital workflows.

The CD features step-by-step workflow explanations, interviews with top digital photographers, more than 50 video clips, EOS image galleries, photographer profiles, and a workflow glossary. Workflow topics include preshoot, shoot, transfer, process, browse and edit, color management, initial backup, optimization, storage and archiving, and output.

In the color-management section, Canon worked with expert Andrew Rodney to de-mystify some of the methods used to ensure accurate and consistent color throughout the digital photography process.

"The purpose of this CD is to provide transitioning photographers with a practical overview of digital photography in a 'real-world' application--from capture to output," says Canon's Yukiaki Hashimoto. "Through our explanations and the photographers' images and commentary, we hope to make viewers more comfortable with the virtually boundless imaging potential offered by the digital workflow."

Photographers can request a copy of the EOS Digital Workflow Guide CD via the website at Quantities are limited. (Canon: