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Changing the Nature of Wearable Art

(January 2003) posted on Tue Jan 28, 2003

Color Textiles Inc. makes inkjet-printable fabrics more practical

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Many creatives don't know just how much they can do with the
inkjet printers they already own. Using paper-backed, natural-fiber
ColorPlus? fabrics from Color Textiles, Inc. and some good sewing
equipment, enterprising owners of popular piezo and thermal inkjet
printers can make digitally customized pillows, purses, quilts, drapes,
doll clothes, ties and scarves, pillow shams, shower curtains, jackets,
upholstery, wall hangings, and even theatrical backdrops.

Because the fabrics have been pretreated with Color Textiles'
proprietary formulation, a steamer isn't required to make the
inkjet-printed fabrics feel good and wash well without losing their
colors. The fabrics can be used with either dye-based or pigmented

The image of the Joshua Tree printed on this jacket was digitally
photographed by Color Textiles' co-founder Lee Newsom in Yucca
Valley, CA. After the image was adjusted in Adobe Photoshop, the pattern
for the jacket was created in Garment Designer Software. The pattern
pieces were then reproduced onto ColorPlus fabric with Canon inks on a
Canon inkjet printer, then cut and sewn into the finished garment.