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Claritex Polycarbonate Films from Coburn

(November 2004) posted on Fri Nov 19, 2004

Compatible with solvent and UV-curable inks

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Coburn Graphic Films has introduced the
Claritex line of polycarbonate films for digital
printing. It is compatible with either solvent-
based or UV-curable inks. Claritex, featuring
85 to 89% light transmission, is ideal
for backlit applications"?when reverseprinted
then laminated with a transfer adhesive
on the printed side, the film acts as the
printing media and its own overlaminate.

Claritex films are available in 3, 7, 10,
and 15-mil thicknesses; in 24, 36, and 48-
in. rolls, and in 24.5 x 48.5-in. sheets. Surface
finishes include velvet/polish, velvet/
matte, velvet/fine matte, and polish/
polish. The velvet, matte, and fine matte
prevent reflections that could obscure
readability and detract from the printed
image; the velvet finish also hides surface
scratches. (Coburn Graphic Films: