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ColorEyes Display v. 3.2 from Integrated Color

(March 2006) posted on Tue Mar 21, 2006

Users no longer have to rely on on-screen controls to make adjustments.

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Integrated Color Corporation has introduced version 3.2 of its ColorEyes Display monitor-profiling software"?for Mac-only platforms. The newest version works with most colorimeters and spectrophotometers, including ColorVision's new Spyder2 colorimeter.

It also features Direct Digital Control (DDC) for Sony's 10-bit SDM-S205K 20-in. LCD display. DDC provides control of monitor hardware through the ColorEyes software, allowing adjustment of white point, black point, and color balance. Users do not have to rely on on-screen controls to make adjustments.

Other improvements to version 3.2 include a profile-naming scheme including monitor name and date and compatibility with systems using dual monitors. MSRP: software along, $185; bundled with X-Rite's DTP94 colorimeter, $325.