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Conde Introduces DyeTrans 4000

(May 2005) posted on Thu May 05, 2005

Sublimation system offers dual CMYK

Conde has made its dye-sub system
faster and more cost-effective. The new
DyeTrans 4000 Sublimation System
offers dual CMYK for improved image
quality and faster production. Comprising
an Epson Stylus Pro 4000, ArTainium sublimation
inks, and ICC profiles, the 17-in.
DyeTrans 4000 comes in two configurations:
cartridge and continuous-feed systems.
The Cartridge System offers 220-ml
cartridges; the Continuous-Feed Ink Delivery
System offers 500-ml bottles of ink.

The DyeTrans 4000 Starter System is
the Epson printer, ArTainium ink cartridges,
DyeTrans sublimation paper, and a
few tools; price: $3615. The DyeTrans
4000 Intro ArTainium continuous-feed
system comprises the printer, ArTainium
bulk ink, DyeTrans sublimation paper, a
George Knight 16 x 20-in. heat press,
tools, and software; price: $6243, PC;
$5994, Mac. The DyeTrans 4000 Pro
ArTainium continuous-feed system
includes the intro packet materials, along
with a mug press, and a variety of imprintables;
price: $8931 (PC) and $8682 (Mac). (Conde:


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