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Controlling Color

(January 2011) posted on Wed Jan 12, 2011

New developments in color-management tools, technologies, and standards.

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By Stephen Beals

Software solutions
Cromanet - what’s old is new again: John Poore of Cromanet ( reports, “I, along with a number of others, have spun off and resurrected the old DuPont Cromanet RIP and are currently in the process of re-branding it as a color-management solution. Some of our new developments include state-of-the-art ICC profiling and a highly accurate color engine that is very competitively priced and includes multi-channel and expanded printing profiling. All of our technology is based on a spectral matching model that we have currently developed.”

The product includes Cromanet Color Manager for color profiling, characterization, matching, basic and advanced color editing; and digital print gamut optimization, supporting CMYK, RGB, and spot and special color data, Cromanet proprietary spectral-based profiling plus support for ICC input and output profiles and Cromanet color and substrate libraries for industry color match standards and popular substrates, including specialty media.

CGS color-managed output across multiple units: CGS ( has released a new version of its Oris Press Matcher//Web, designed to bring color-managed output across multiple presses, conventional and digital, including wide-format printers. The product is available as a stand-alone color server or as a color-link generator. The company also released Oris Aproove, an interactive Web collaborative approval tool for ad agencies and their clients. The interface features a decision-tree workflow and allows for unlimited users using client server architecture. And the company’s Oris Certified Suite has been extended to offer an enterprise-level business solution for the quality control of proof, press, and environment across customer sites worldwide with centralized monitoring, feedback, and support.

Apogee Color 7: One of the features in the new release of Agfa’s Apogee ( is called Smart Input Space Color Recognition (SISR). It’s an Apogee Preflight Action List that automatically detects the most probable ICC profile for CMYK objects in a PDF document. Different action lists are available that warn in case of wrong tagging, or if the requested tag/untagged CMYK objects have the best matching profile. Other action lists use statistical analysis to apply the most recurrent ICC profile as document profile and as such can automate and optimize press repurposing. The Apogee system needs the Color Quality Manager license (ColorTune, the engine of Apogee Color) to get it working.