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Controlling Color

(January 2011) posted on Wed Jan 12, 2011

New developments in color-management tools, technologies, and standards.

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By Stephen Beals

Curve2’s Virtual Press Run: A new feature in Curve2 software from Chromix ( and HutchColor ( is an option called Virtual Press Run (VPR), which can eliminate the need for a second press run when doing G7 calibrations. Without VPR, the companies report, obtaining a press profile from a G7-calibrated press requires at least two press runs: one with null plate curves to calculate the G7 calibration curves, and a second to print the profiling target through the resulting plate curves to profile the press. VPR is designed to eliminate the need for the second press run; the G7 curves calculated from the first run are applied mathematically to the profiling target measurements of the first run, producing measurements that appear as if they were produced on a second “virtual” run. The applicability of the Curve2 tool to wide format is simply that it generates G7 curves. Wide-format shops might be interested in this because they can plug curves into their existing inkjet RIPs. Some RIPs have less-advanced calibration/color-management abilities and may benefit from a G7 approach across multiple RIP/Printer technologies to establish and maintain neutral gray balance.

ColorGate support for G7: ColorGate ( has unveiled a G7 calibration extension module, G7CM, for its ColorGate Productionserver 6 and Proofgate 6 RIP and profiling solutions. The module performs calibrations to meet the requirements of the IDEAlliance for the G7 standard for color reproduction. The support for the G7 standard based on the ISO 12647 standard to ensures that G7 is achieved for all the printing systems supported. The module includes a recalibration option to allow users to revert to reference output quality even when using ICC-based color management.

ColorGate also announced Fogra certification for its service employees as digital print experts. Employees receive intensive training on

Saving ink via ColorLogic: It’s no surprise that print providers working with wide-format technologies use a considerable amount of ink – which is where ColorLogic’s new CoPra (color profiling application) products come in, says the company. “Benefits in saving ink without degrading quality can be reached by using SaveInk DeviceLink profiles created with ColorLogic CoPra. These profiles can either be applied in the RIP or a ColorServer supporting DeviceLinks,” reports Dietmar Fuchs, product and project manager at ColorLogic (