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Controlling Color

(January 2011) posted on Wed Jan 12, 2011

New developments in color-management tools, technologies, and standards.

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By Stephen Beals

Fuchs also explained how the company’s new DocBees product works: “Print shops need to print jobs from a lot of sources, mostly data without any assigned profiles to it. Which means that the color identity of those jobs is not clear and so the workers must do an intelligent guess to figure out the correct profile. DocBees ProfileTagger is a color-management pre-flighting tool that automatically identifies the profile that suits a CMYK separation best. In addition it checks if images in PDF/X files are correctly separated according to the given output intent. For example, the tool enables you to check whether the image data in a PDF/X file matches the output intent, or need to be "made to fit" by means of color conversion. It helps you prevent your data from being incorrectly converted in a downstream color workflow because of an undetected, incorrectly assigned profile.”

A plethora of X-Rite products: X-Rite ( has announced its new portfolio of i1 Professional Color Management Solutions, including i1Basic Pro, i1Photo Pro, i1 Publish, and i1Publish Pro. All four versions feature new technology and applications: i1Profiler, X-Rite’s latest color-profiling software; new Pantone Color Manager color swatch bridging software; and ColorChecker Proof, a color checker chart for direct viewing analysis against a printed target.

PrintCheck and PressOptimizer are X-Rite’s automated print quality control and standardization solutions designed for printers who want to print to international ISO standards using industry specifications for process control like G7 or PSO. Users can also set their own tolerances. Wizard-driven software allows users to simplify workflows and follow a job through the production process.

A new enhanced version of X-Rite’s EasyTrax, a semi-automated press-side color scanning solution, also has been released. The new version supports Windows 7, and offers additional functionality for customers with perfecting presses to handle up to eight colors, support of Japan Color libraries, an enhanced Wizard-style editor interface, and a series of easy-to-follow animated tutorials. EasyTrax enables presses to support up to eight ink units with the advanced ISO/G7 module, whether using a CMYK, multi-color, or N-color workflow.