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Controlling Color

(January 2011) posted on Wed Jan 12, 2011

New developments in color-management tools, technologies, and standards.

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By Stephen Beals

On the Pantone side of things, the new Pantone Plus Series was introduced in 2010, expanding the previous Pantone system with hundreds of new colors. Among the new features is a chromatic arrangement for more intuitive color selection, an index to aid in specific color location, a ColorChecker lighting indicator for finding the proper conditions for color evaluation, a ColorChecker primer for digital image color correction, and Pantone Color Manager Software. (See our July 2010 issue, pg 14, for an in-depth report on the new Pantone Plus Series.)

Colibri color-matching software: At the most recent Graph Expo, Konica Minolta Sensing Americas ( showcased the Colibri color-matching software designed for recipe formulation and correction of opaque, translucent, and transparent colors and inks. The software also optimizes the pigment load, preventing over-pigmentation in opaque inks. The template function allows the user to predefine the software features and screen layout so all functions not required are suppressed. This allows users to greatly simplify operations. Colibri has full enterprise network capability connecting users worldwide via the Web to share a central database. The Colibri software is produced by Switzerland-based Nexirius (; available in the Americas by premier distributor Konica Minolta.

ColorProof 5.2: GMG ( has introduced version 5.2 of its ColorProof, which now integrates Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5 and adds improvements to the SpotColor Editor. It’s also compatible with the new GMG ProofControl Inline module, allowing for fully automated proofing and verification of contone proofs on Epson Stylus Pro printers with an integrated measuring device.

Onyx X10 simplifies color management: Onyx has debuted version X10 of its RIPCenter, PosterShop, and ProductionHouse workflow solutions. The new software, Onyx reports, simplifies color management while also improving file handling, delivering smoother color blends and gradients, offers better control of inks costs, and more. See pg xx for more detailed information.

Caldera’s smoother and larger gamuts: Caldera Graphics, in early 2010, launched its new v8 software version optimized for X-Rite iPrism and the Adobe PDF Print Engine. X-Rite’s i1Prism color-management engine contains a new ICC profile generator that enhances color separation and color matching in the Caldera print workflow. With this option, Caldera reports, users benefit from state-of-the-art algorithms to print colors that were not reachable using previous profilers with a higher accuracy than before. The resulting smoother and larger gamuts provide an extended and better color matching.