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Creating a Leadership Culture

(May 2008) posted on Mon May 12, 2008

Find, teach, and train the right people to lead your company.

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By Marty McGhie

As a business grows and becomes more and more successful, we find that the challenges we face in our daily operations never really go away. As we solve one problem, a different one comes along. After all, the purpose of business isn’t really to get rid of our problems, but rather figuring out how to deal with them.

So here we are, day in and day out, dealing with one issue after another. It can become overwhelming trying to do it all by yourself. And if you want to continue to build success with your business, you must have help. So how do you find, teach, and train the right people to become your company’s next leaders?

Four leadership traits

You must first establish a culture of leadership within your organization. Whether intentional or not, a leadership culture of some sort probably already exists in your company. It may be one that you have developed and is effective in your business. On the other hand, it may be a culture of poor leadership, where many of your employees feel like they have no one to follow.

When cultures are born out of de-facto systems without specific design or purpose, they’re inherently inconsistent from manager to manager and typically create chaos, confusion, and discord in a business. So how do you develop the type of leadership environment that you want? Let’s begin by identifying four characteristics of a successful leader.

* Energy: If a leader is excited about the direction he or she is heading it usually doesn’t really matter where that direction might be, people will follow. Of course, if they’re heading the wrong way it can become a problem. But making mistakes as a leader is inevitable. When leaders work with enthusiasm they can take a corrective course of action and others will follow. People don’t expect their leaders to be perfect, but they do expect them to be excited and committed to reaching their goals.