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Creative Firms Becoming More Active in Digital Printing

(February 2003) posted on Tue Feb 18, 2003

TWGA reports that hype is beginning to translate into real business

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Color digital-printing jobs are on the rise at design and production houses, according to TrendWatch Graphic Arts (TWGA). Among the creative firms participating in TWGA's Design and Production surveys, 38% recently said that color digital printing jobs are on the increase. On the list of increasing services within creative firms, digital printing now ranks second only behind high-res digital photography for print. Low-res photography for Web pages rounded out the top three.

TWGA analysts consider these trends a sign that the hype of the mid-90s is now being translated into actual business, noting that "Just as digital printing stopped being a completely alien technology for print businesses, so too, is it becoming familiar to printers' clients." (TrendWatch Graphic Arts: