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Custom Floor Adds Distinctive Touch to Auto Showroom

(April 2003) posted on Tue Apr 08, 2003

Permanent floor created by team of Mare Floors and Degussa chemical company

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Mare Floors GbH of Dresden, Germany, used a large-format graphic
sandwiched between two layers of hardened plastics to create this
permanent, marble-effect floor for a local Mercedes-Benz dealership.

The 196.8-sq ft graphic featuring the Mercedes-Benz logo was output
on self-adhesive vinyl on Mare Floor's newly installed VUTEk UltraVu
2600 EC solvent-system inkjet printer. Then, in partnership with experts
from the Degussa chemical company, Mare Floors applied a layer of
plastic to the dealership's existing concrete floor, adhered the
vinyl graphic to the plastic, and then applied a protective, transparent
layer of plastic sealant.

Established in August, 2002, Mare Floors currently employs five
people and offers a range of large-format printing applications, with an
emphasis on industrial floor coverings.

"We believe that the floor-covering market could be huge for
us," says Matthias Thomas, joint owner of Mare Floors. "The
Vutek high-resolution graphics can be applied to virtually any type of
flooring, including concrete, wood, and tile. The breadth of marketing
and decorative opportunities are endless." (Vutek: