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Cutting Capability

(April 2012) posted on Mon Apr 09, 2012

More than 50 companies that produce cutters, cutting systems, and routers.

Saw Trax Manufacturing ( Its range of panel saws includes the Sign Makers Panel Saw and Mat Cutter Combo Machine, which cuts a variety of materials up to 1.75-in. thick in all directions with saw or knife. Available in 52-, 64-, 76-, 88-, and 100-in. cross cuts.

ShopBot Tools ( ShopBot’s PRSalpha gantry-based CNC routers are intended for wood, plastics, aluminum, and other materials, in sizes from 48 x 48-in. to 144 x 60-in. (nominal cutting area). A line of entry-level PRSstandard CNC routers also available.

Signwarehouse ( The EnduraCut is a 24-in. desktop vinyl sign cutter for short-run graphics. Also offers the Vinyl Express Q Series of vinyl sign cutters in 24- to 60-in. models; 50-in./sec top speed.

SpeedPress Sign Supply ( Its Rotary Multi Cutter (36-in. cut) can be used to cut and trim vinyl, digital prints, cardboard, paper, and fabrics.

Summa USA ( Its F series flatbed cutter can cut sheet and rigid materials as well as roll stock. It features Summa’s CameraControl recognition software and can handle media up to 63-in. wide. Summa’s OPOS-CAM is used to contour cut graphics; available in 54- and 64-in. versions. Also available: Summa S Class T and S Class D series and the SummaCut series vinyl and contour cutters.

Teckwin ( The Teckut CNC router is available in two sizes: as the Teckut 1525, with an active cutting area of 98 x 61 in., and as the Teckut 2030, with a cutting area of 122 x 81 in.

Thermwood ( Its SignRouter series of CNC routers is specifically designed for signage and P-O-P graphics. The SignRouter 43 features a 61 x 121-in. fixed table; it can machine flat and three-dimensional signage. Also available: the SignRouter 45, with table sizes from 5 x 10-ft to 7 x 12 ft.

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems ( Available are the 2525 (25 x 25-in. table) and the 2550 (25 x 50-in. table) CNC Routers. Both can accommodate 2 x 4-ft sheets of material, including wood, metals, plastic, acrylic, Sintra, sign foam, more.

Vytek Laser System ( Its laser cutters are available in various models. The G/X Laser Cutting and Engraving series utilizes sealed CO2 laser technology and comes in three sizes (working area): 50 x 50, 50 x 100, and 64 x 125 in.; accommodates materials up to 3-in. thick.

Zünd America ( The Zünd G3 and S3 Digital Cutters are available in sizes from 52 x 63 to 126 x 125 in., and can cut materials up to 2-in. thick. The Universal Module accommodates tools ranging from a universal cutter, pneumatic oscillating cutter, and kiss-cut tool to a creasing tool for corrugated cardboard and a driven rotary tile for fibrous materials.


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