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Cutting Corners

(April 2012) posted on Mon Apr 09, 2012

PrismTech Graphics has utilized digital cutting technology to increase efficiency and expand clients’ imaginations.

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By Britney Grimmelsman

In addition, says Beaton, other parties involved in projects also tend to overspend, leaving print providers with less cash than the budget had initially allotted. “So all and all, our team is under a significant amount of pressure before production even begins. We try to make up for lost time and budget decreases during the shipping phase, which can sometimes lead to damages because of insufficient packaging.”

But, despite the many challenges faced along the way, PrismTech is always able to achieve the client’s desired effect and stimulate its customers to expand their ideas for the next project, says Beaton.

What’s next?
On the agenda for the coming year, PrismTech will focus more on self-marketing. “To be honest, up until the last half of 2011, we did not even have a website. We have no walk-in traffic and seldom do we have a client visit the shop. We have lived off of the reputation that the primary owners had built during their lifetime,” Beaton explains.

“Now, we have taken steps to change that, and we’ve begun to publically market ourselves. I’m pushing to have an open house for some of our existing clients to show off our diverse service offerings to assist them in the conception of their own projects. I’ve heard too many clients say ‘I did not know you did that.’”

Along with fine-tuning PrismTech’s marketing strategy, the shop plans to continue to perfect its skills on new technologies. While Beaton says he has mastered what the cutter and routers can do with certain materials, he admits that there is still much more he has to learn about the equipment.

“I am currently exploring its potential in fabricating packaging prototypes and I am looking forward to the possible revenue stream from such an endeavor.” Recently, PrismTech has secured R&D work for a local box fabricator creating prototypes on the shop’s flatbeds and scoring the corrugated cardboard using the Kongsberg.

As for advice for print shop’s looking to add a cutter or router system, Beaton says: “Ask yourself, ‘What is the bulk of the materials we will be running?’ In our case, we were looking at short- to mid-size runs of lighter weight materials. This is not to say that our current equipment isn’t capable of cutting 1-inch thick acrylic, however, if this was the bulk of my business I probably would have chosen a heavier-duty machine that may not have given me as much versatility as what we have now.”

In the future, PrismTech is considering the acquisition of another, more robust cutter to cater to longer runs with materials like acrylic and plywood.