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Dalim Software Introduces Twist Dotdrive

(October 2004) posted on Tue Oct 05, 2004

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TWiST DOTDRIVE from Dalim Software, is a
tool that allows the Dalim Twist server to
control final RIP output parameters from
directly within the Twist Workflow Manager.
A server-based workflow software that
runs on SGI, Sun, and Linux, Dalim Twist
can provide preflighting, file conversion,
and output generation as well as trapping,
imposition, and database connectivity.

Twist Dotdrive can control such settings
as RIP interpretation and screening
output, and can also control these
remotely from a standard Web browser
using the TWiST WEBLiNK module, outputting
1-bit TIFF files to feed proofers,
digital presses, and platesetters. (Dalim Software: